Beyond Words – Celebrating Books As Art

Beyond Words: Celebrating Books as Art is a juried exhibition showcasing fine handcrafted work by 36 artists from Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. The diversity of contemporary books as art is highlighted by the 75 pieces on exhibit at Florida CraftArt. Dates are: June 10 – July 30, 2022

Florida CraftArt

is located at: 501 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
Telephone: (727) 821-7391

“This exhibition celebrates the book as art through a varied collection of inventive works. that challenge preconceptions of what a book is and can be,” says Cindy Bartosek the exhibit curator. “For an artist, ‘book’ can be medium of artistic expression. It is a space for experimenting with innovative combinations of images, text, and formats to address topics ranging from politics to poetry, from whimsy to deeply personal narratives that explore and communicate important themes and visual ideas in a very individual way, limited only by the imagination of the maker.”

“Each book represents a personal story, a reflection of cultural heritage or international sensibilities,” says Bartosek. There are thought-provoking pieces and conversation starters around social justice and state-of-the-world issues. Some are pieces that stretch the imagination or relate personal joys and sorrow; others remind us of the beauty and wonder of the world around us and its peril. Others take the book structure beyond everyday expectations, challenging our preconceptions of what a book is and can be.”