Aqua Yoga every Thursdays

Staying active is a great way to keep ourselves healthy. And in many places around the world, yoga has been widely accepted by people from all ages as a way to relax, connect, and to strengthen. After all, you don’t need too many equipment to practice yoga. You can practice yoga at your own homes, at a yoga center, join yoga beach lessons, or perhaps in a swimming pool. Specially during winter, heated pools are favored. The St. Pete Beach Recreation Center holds Aqua Yoga with internationally recognized teacher and author Christa Fairbrother.

Benefits of Aqua Yoga

Just like the land-based yoga, aqua yoga reduces stress, practices better body awareness, and increases your flexibility. The low-impact, full-body workout helps to improve our strength and balance. Here are some of the benefits of aqua yoga:

  • Strengthens and tones our muscles
  • Enhances the immune system and improve cardiovascular function
  • Triggers the natural release of endorphins that helps dissolve stress
  • Leaves you feeling relaxed
  • Focusing on the body’s movements and breathing helps achieve a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace
  • Help relieves tight muscles and joints
  • Decompresses your spine

Aqua yoga is a great way for us to move our bodies while reducing joint impact. Moreover, water yoga is a good option for beginners looking to improve fitness, for older adults, people with mobility issues, overweight, arthritis, and pregnant women.

Join the Aqua Yoga at the Community Center every Thursday. Christa Fairbrother is a certified Aquatic Therapist in addition to being a yoga professional. She combines her expertise in education, yoga, and aquatics. Read more about Christa here:

Aqua Yoga

  • Date: Thursday: 11 to 11:45am
  • Fee: $10

St. Pete Beach Community Center

  • 7701 Boca Ciega Drive St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
  • Pool: 727-363-9264