Tropical Treasure Hunt

Memorable Adventures at Tropical Treasure Hunt

Here’s another immersive group activity that your friends and family will love! The Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. has an outdoor activity that resembles the escape-room adventure where participants will explore local attractions and businesses while looking for clues, solving puzzles, and searching for a treasure buried at the beach.

Tropical Treasure Hunt offers private hunts, team building activities, as well as custom hunts. This is scavenger hunt levelled up as you will experience solving problems outdoor with a mixture of augmented reality. For their St. Pete Beach location, 2 activities are available:

  • Operation Tropical Mindfall
    • Spy-themed adventure featuring GPS powered augmented reality
    • Recommended for adults and teens due to difficulty level and included alcoholic drinks
    • Maximum duration is 4 hours
    • Adults: $109
    • Children: $99
  • Golden Age of Piracy
    • Learn about Golden Age of Piracy history while solving engaging puzzles for all ages
    • Maximum duration is 3 hours
    • Adult (Ages 11+): $99
    • Child (Ages 4-10): $89
    • Young Children (Ages 3 and Under): Free

The hunt allows your crew a half day adventure for mentally stimulating clues. These clues will lead you to each piece of the map with an adventure pack that contains tools to solve puzzles. Once you find each piece of the map, you can piece them together which will lead you to a buried treasure chest.

St. Pete Beach fun family activity

These activities include private transportation throughout the adventure, pirate gear, adventure pack with tools to solve the puzzles and challenges during the adventure, water and snacks. Best to wear comfortable clothing and suitable shoes for walking.

Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. – St. Pete Beach