Autumn Floral Arrangement Workshop

Autumn is such a wonderful time. Let’s make our Thanksgiving bloom in beauty. There will be a charming Fall Flower Arranging Workshop on Saturday, November 18th, celebrating the captivating colors and textures of autumn through the art of floral design.

This is a fantastic chance to dive into the enchantment of fall and master the skill of flower arrangement. The Fall Flower Arranging Workshop will get you to experience the delight of crafting exquisite floral arrangements inspired by the mesmerizing season of transformation. Let’s revel in the gifts of nature together and craft a splendid centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Workshop Highlights

Guidance Step by Step: Skilled designers will expertly lead the workshop. They will provide practical tips and tricks to ensure that participants of all skill levels feel confident in their creative expression as they craft their own beautiful arrangements.

Inspiration from Nature: From vibrant reds, burnt oranges, deep yellows, to earthy browns, participants get to discover how to seamlessly incorporate these hues into floral creations.

Participants get to explore a curated selection of fall blooms, including chrysanthemums and autumnal roses, as well as various fall textures and foliage to add depth and dimension to your arrangements.

Take Your Creation Home: As the workshop concludes, you’ll proudly bring home your exquisitely crafted Thanksgiving centerpiece, allowing you to savor the joys of autumn for weeks to come.

Who Can Join: Open to flower enthusiasts of all levels and ages. Parking & Glass of Champagne included. Register here.

The Don CeSar

South Terrace

3400 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL